We are so grateful for this sweet school. Amazing role models teaching our boys, encouraging them to seek the plan God has for them, while guiding with love and accountability. And then there is always the dreamy campus of rolling hills and fishing ponds, waterfalls and beautiful friendships.
— Jewel Denardo, Parent
Chapel Field’s dedication to academic excellence not only prepared me, but it propelled me in my start at college.
— David Julien, Alumnus
I attended Chapel Field from 2006-2013. I was deeply involved in many activities and groups at the school, because I loved my school very much. It was such a blessing to attend a school where faculty cared not only about my education, but about my character and my well-being. I now attend a Bible college, and I know that Chapel Field has adequately prepared me academically, but even more significantly, has helped me develop a Biblical worldview that I can take into my adult life.
— Emily Krump, Alumnus
This school changed my son’s life! He went from a below average, lost in the crowd student to excel in high school and become a Dean’s List student in college. He went on to become one of the youngest elected officials in Ulster County. It was the opportunity of a lifetime!
— Julie Ronk, Parent
I am a previous homeschooler. When my parents decided it was time to send all four of their children to school, they knew they wanted to send us there. I am so happy they made the decision they did. The staff at Chapel Field care very much about the academic and Christian development of their students. I had wonderful times from the time I started at the school in 6th grade until I graduated high school. Because of Chapel Field I was able to participate in sports on Moderate, JV, and Vasity levels. Without Chapel Field, I would not have developed into the God-loving person that I am.

Thank you to everyone at Chapel Fieldf for your dedication. When I have children of my own, I plan on sending them there as well.
— Christine Cohen, Alumnus
I graduated from Chapel Field in 2000. I attended for four years, but I continue to use the skills I learned in high school. Academically, I was more than prepared for college, but just as importantly I graduated with the ability to reason, analyze information, and think critically. Most importantly, I was given a strong foundation in God’s word and challenged to apply it to all areas of my daily life.
— Dr. Rachael Kuperus, Alumnus
The decision to attend Chapel Field was one that set me apart. It fortified my character and challenged me academically. It offered academic and leadership opportunities that prepared me for the rigorous application process of West Point. But more than anything, it taught me to do the right thing at all times, no matter who was looking, in alignment with its motto of Coram Deo, living “in His presence, under His authority, and for His glory.” That foundation would serve me well when facing the rigors of West Point, the sacrifices of deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the demand for business success at two Fortune 500 companies, and most importantly, when meeting the challenges of family leadership as a husband and someday father.

I am proud to have graduated from Chapel Field Christian High School, and grateful that God led me there. It is my alma mater, and it continues to set me up for success in each new stage of life.
— Lance Borden, Alumnus
Lance as a West Point cadet.

Lance as a West Point cadet.

Chapel Field has been a place where my child has been able to play interscholastic sports, get involved in leadership activities, and do Christian service without the daily threat of physical abuse, constant foul language, and often immoral teaching she had to put up with in her previous school
— K Bristol, Parent